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MARCH, 2019

11th March, Mon.

Extra Classes XII

14th March, Thur.

Extra Classes X

25th March, Mon.

Regular Classes Start ( Nur.to XII)

APRIL, 2019

15th April, Mon.

1st Term Weekly Tests start (I to X & XII)

13th April, Sat.

Ram Navami (Holiday)

14th April, Sun.

Baisakhi & Ambedkar Jayanti (Holiday)

17th April, Wed.

Mahavir Jayanti (Holiday)

19th April, Fri.

Good Friday (Holiday)

27th April, Sat.

Parents-Teachers Meeting

MAY, 2019

1st May, Tue.

Extra classes for X & XII start.

Summer Vacation Starts for Students.

10th May, Fri.

Extra classes for X & XII End.

JUNE, 2019

5th June, Wed.


10th June, Mon.

School reopens for Teachers.

10th Jun, Mon.

Extra classes for X & XII start.

17th June, Mon.

School reopens

26th June, Wed.

Red Day (Nur - KG-II)

JULY, 2019

5th July, Fri.

Van Mahotsav and Green Day (Nur.- KG-II)

6th July, Sat.

Parents-Teachers Meeting

Art Exhibition (III - VIII)

9th July, Tue.

Visit to Worship places (Nur.- KG-II)

13th July, Sat.

Fathers’ Day (Nur.- KG-II)

23rd July, Tue.

Visit to Zoo

24th July, Wed.

Yellow Day (Nur.- KG-II)

27th July, Sat.

Mother’s Day (Nur.- KG-II)

AUGUST, 2019

3th Aug, Sat.

Parents - Teachers Meeting

Science Exhibition (VI to XII)

Leader in me (Inspiration) (I & II)

6th Aug, Tue.

Visit to Vegetables , Fruits Shop & Mall (Nur.-KG-II)

7th Aug, Wed.

Orange Day (Nur.- KG-II)

12th Aug, Mon.

Eid-Ul-Adha (Holiday)

14th Aug, Wed.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration (Nur - KG-II)

15th Aug, Thu.

Independence Day Celebrations

20th Aug, Tue.

Visit to Dairy Farm House (Nur.- KG-II)

23th Aug, Fri.

Janmashtami Celebration (Nur - KG-II)

24 Aug, Mon.

1st Term Weekly Test Ends (I - XII)


2nd Sept, Tues.

Ganesh Chaturthi (Holiday)

4th Sept, Wed.

Teacher’s Day Celebration (Nur.-KG-II)

5th Sept, Wed.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

6th Sept, Fri.

1st Term Non Academic Written & Practical Exams (I-X)

7th,Sept, Sat.

Parents - Teachers Meeting

Natural Habitat (Nur.- KG-II)

10st Sept.

Tues. Muharram (Holiday)

11th Sept, Wed.

Visit to Ganesh Pandal (Nur.- KG-II)

17th Sept, Tues.

Vishwakarma Jayanti

18th Sept, Wed.

Half Yearly Exam Starts (I - XII)


1st Oct, Sat.

Half Yearly Exam End (I - XII)

Dussehra Celebration (Nur.- II)

2nd Oct, Wed.

Gandhi Jayanti (Holiday)

5th Oct, Sat.

Dussehra Holidays Start

8th Oct, Tues.

Dussehra Holidays End

11th Oct, Fri Visit to Park (Nur.- KG-II)

12th Oct, Sat.

Parents Teachers Meeting

Answer sheet showing (I to XII)

21th Oct, Mon.

Second Terms Weekly Test Start (I - XII)

23rd Oct, Wed.

Diwali Celebration (Nur.- II)

24th Oct, Thu.

1st Term Result Declarations (I - XII)

25th Oct, Fri.

Diwali Holidays Start

29th Oct, Tues.

Diwali Holidays End


9th Nov, Sat Parents Teachers Meeting

Travel time-Dream land (Nur.- KG-II)

10st Nov, Sun.

Id-e-Milad* (Holiday)

12th Nov, Tues.

Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)

14th Nov, Thue.

Sports Day & Children’s Day Celebration


6th Dec, Fri.

Model Exams for Class XII start

Post Term Test Start (IX & X)

17th Dec, Tues.

Model Exams for Class XII End

18th Dec, Wed.

Guru Ghasidas Jayanti (Holiday)

14th Dec, Sat.

Annual Function (KPS, Utai)

15th Dec, Sun.

Annual Function (KPS, Pulgaon)

16th Dec, Mon.

Annual Function (KPS, Sunder Nagar)

17th Dec, Tue.

Annual Function (KPS International, Naya Raipur)

19th Dec, Thur.

Annual Function (KPS, Sarona, Raipur)

21st, Dec, Sat.

Primary Wing Function (Nur.to V) (KPS, Nehru Nagar)

22nd Dec, Sun.

Annual Function (VI to XII) (KPS, Nehru Nagar)

24th Dec.

Tue. Annual Function (KPS, Koni, Bilaspur)

25th Dec, Wed.

Christmas (Holiday)

26th, Dec, Thur.

Primary Wing Function (KPS, Dunda, Raipur)

27th Dec, Fri.

Annual Function (KPS, Dunda, Raipur)

31st Dec, Tues.

New Years Eve (Holiday)


1st Jan, Wed.

New Year (Holiday)

11th Jan, Sat Parents Teachers Meeting

25th Jan, Sat.

Second Terms Weekly Test End (I & XI)

15th Jan, Wed.

Pongal, Makar Sankranti

26th Jan, Sun.

Republic Day Celebrations

27th Jan, Mon.

Model Exams for Class X Start

29th Jan, Wed.

Vasant Panchami (Holiday)


5th Feb, Wed.

2nd Term Non Academic Written & Practical Exams

Start (I - IX)

8th Feb, Sat Parents Teachers Meeting

10th Feb, Mon.

Model Test End (Class X)

13th Feb, Thur.

2nd Term Non Academic Written & Practical Exams

Start (I - IX)

15th Feb, Sat.

Annual Exam Start (IX & XI)

17th Feb, Mon.

Annual Exam Start (III to VIII)

18th Feb, Tues.

Annual Exam Start (I - II)

21st Feb, Fri.

Mahashivratri (Holiday)

28th Feb, Fri.

Annual Exam End (I - II & IX)

29th Feb, Sat.

Annual Exam End (III to VIII & XI)

Graduation Day (Nur.-KG-II)

MARCH, 2020

10th March, Tue.

Holi (Holiday)

7th March, Sat.

Answer sheet showing (IX & XI)

14th March, Sat.

Answer sheet showing (I to VIII)

14th March, Sat.

Result Declarations (IX & XI)

21st March, Sat.

Result Declarations (I to VIII)